LightBurn Installation

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LightBurn Installation
« : Ekim 26, 2018, 04:02:27 ÖS »
First, go to and download the appropriate version of the program for your system.

Install the program by moving forward, after activating the trial version of the window grbl by moving forward.
(If you get a warning, click More info and then click Run anyway. )

Serial/USB Select and proceed.

Name your machine, then setup your work space by entering X (horizontal axis) and Y (vertical axis) dimensions with millimeters.

Make reference settings of your machine as shown below and proceed.

Finish the installation by clicking on the Finish button.

Turn LightBurn off and back on, and connect to your machine at the bottom right of the screen. The com3 that appears below may be different to you. such as com2, com4, com5, com6 ...

When LightBurn is connected, it will start communicating with your device.

Welcome to the exclusive world of LightBurn and LightDrive :)

Note: If you have made a USB connection and your computer cannot recognize your machine as an hardware and detects it as an unknown device, you can download and install the appropriate driver from the list below.

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